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WordPress Support and Maintenance

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been pulling your hair out, wrestling with your computer for the millionth time, and need some help.

Take the stress out of running your website with our WordPress Support services

Campfire IT offers comprehensive WordPress support services, including updates, security, backups, and troubleshooting, to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for businesses.

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WordPress Support from Campfire

We provide a complete I.T. and digital package tailored to the needs of your business, so you can hit the ground running with us. We are there to support you each step of the way.

wordpress updates

WordPress Updates

Campfire I.T. provides reliable and timely WordPress updates to ensure that your website is performing optimally and is secure. 

plug in updates

Plugin Updates

We offer regular website plugin updates to keep your website running smoothly, securely, and with the latest features and functionalities.

database optimisation

Database Optimisation

Optimising your website’s database with the help of Campfire I.T. can improve website performance, reduce page load times, and enhance overall user experience.

website optimisation

Site Optimisation

Campfire I.T.’s website optimisation services, including image compression, can improve website speed and performance, resulting in better user engagement and search engine rankings.


E-Commerce Support

We provide comprehensive eCommerce website support, including site maintenance, security, & payment integration, to help businesses succeed in the online marketplace.

24:7 support

24/7 Monitoring

Our website monitoring services can help businesses detect and resolve website issues quickly, ensuring maximum uptime and minimal disruption for website visitors.



Our reporting includes valuable insights into your website traffic, user behaviour, and other key metrics, helping you to make informed decisions to make further site improvements.

email support

Email Support

Email support for WordPress websites includes setting up and managing forms, ensuring businesses can receive and respond to customer enquiries efficiently and effectively.

website hosting

Website Hosting

Campfire I.T.’s website hosting services provide businesses with fast, secure, and reliable website hosting solutions, and backed by expert technical support.

wordpress support by campfire it

Total peace of mind

You’ll no longer need to worry about if your WordPress website is up to date or performing well. We will make sure that you’re on top form for when it matters most.

Full support for your WordPress website

wordpress maintenance

Routine WordPress maintenance

Campfire I.T.’s routine WordPress maintenance services ensure businesses’ websites are up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly, freeing up their time to focus on growing their business.


Regular Performance & Health Checks

Our regular website performance and health checks ensure businesses’ websites are optimised for speed, user experience, and search engine rankings, resulting in increased traffic, engagement, and conversions.


Fast Response For Issues

Campfire I.T.’s fast response to website issues helps businesses minimise downtime and maintain the highest level of website performance, ensuring a positive user experience for website visitors.

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