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Unlock the potential of your business with managed Wifi

Are you looking for wifi for your building, but don’t know what you need, or even what questions to ask?

Unlike some providers, we like to understand your situation and what you really need from a wifi network, before jumping into selling you a bunch of products you might not need.

Campfire IT Logo
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Getting to know your business

We will look at the structure of the building, who will be using the wifi network, how many people will be using it, the devices they use, and a variety of other things to design a solution that works for you, without breaking the bank.

Wifi Installation: It’s all about timing

Next, we configure your kit, ready to install around your needs, like choosing to install in a student accommodation building during the summer, when there aren’t many students about, or on bank holiday if you own managed offices, or co-working spaces.

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Continuous network monitoring

It doesn’t end there. We continually monitor the network to make sure it’s all running as it should, and tweak where necessary to make improvements.

Of course, we’re always on hand for any queries or issues along the way. The best wifi network is one you don’t need to think about.

Our aim is to keep you and your people happy!

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